Crown & Bridges

Both Crowns and most Bridges
are fixed prosthetic devices. 

Crown & Bridges

A crown is a type of dental restoration which looks like a tooth shaped cap that fit over your tooth, it embraces a tooth and is typically bonded using a special dental cement. Crowns are vastly used to enhance smile and strengthen heavily filled tooth or protect a weak tooth from breaking, or to cover a heavily discoloured tooth .Crowns can be classified as porcelain fused to metal, all ceramic(metal free) and gold crown.

A bridge is a dental restoration equivalent of 3 or more dental crowns attached together. This option is used to replace single or multiple missing teeth. A typical bridge consists of a pontic (bridged gap) that is attached to two nearing crowns (abutments). Once preparation is complete and we receive the appliance back from our laboratory, it is cemented in the mouth and is robust, it cannot be removed. Dental bridges contribute to a healthy dazzling smile.

What to expect after a crown or bridge preparation appointment

Once your tooth or teeth have been prepared for a permanent crown or bridge, the final impression is sent to our laboratory. While we wait for the new custom-made restoration to be sent back to us, a temporary crown will be made for you on the preparation appointment. This temporary crown will protect your teeth from drifting and causing fluctuation to your bite. Experiencing moderate sensitivity is absolutely normal; you don’t have to be alarmed and panic.

After the first preparation appointment your tooth will require some healing time and you will automatically train yourself to get accustomed to the foreign temporary crown and adjust to your new bite.

The period between preparation and the fit of the permanent crown demands great home care. We recommend you do not eat anything hard, sticky or chewy as this may pull or loosen the temporary crown or bridge. You are advised to take a pain killer if you experience any soreness which is quite normal. Flossing should be avoided as it may dislodge the temporary. However , we may encourage regular flossing when your final crown is on.

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